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Nickolus Sorenson began his career in healthcare in his early twenties with a sports-related injury resulting in two shattered feet and a broken shoulder. Lying in his hospital bed for weeks, he became deeply involved in his care with the support of family and medical personnel. It was this healthcare experience that laid the groundwork for a path that ultimately led Nick to help others.

Initially drawn to orthopedics, Nick worked for two of the leading orthopedic practices in Colorado, as well as part of a trauma response team for several ski resorts in and around Summit County, Colorado. After a few years alternating between the ski resorts and the ER in the off-season, Nick was offered the opportunity to become territory manager for an orthopedic device company preforming total joint and other orthopedic procedures alongside notable Denver surgeons. This was his first brush with senior care. Repeatedly Nick encountered seniors and followed their recovery to monitor for successful outcomes. Nick already possessed a deep appreciation and concern for seniors as his grandmother was, and continues to be, an influential figure in his life.

Eventually, Nick committed fully to senior care. He has been representing national, senior-based healthcare companies in Colorado for several years now and remains a staunch advocate for no-nonsense patient care. Throughout his time developing business strategies and relationships, assisting with the development of episodic payment models and specialty bundles, and assisting administration with day-to-day operations, Nick has worked with representatives covering the entire spectrum of the senior care niche. This includes hospitals, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, long-term care facilities, independent and assisted living communities, hospice and palliative care providers as well as healthcare provider groups.

Nick considers it an honor to guide patients, families, healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities to resources and strategies that suit their individual goals. 


Sorenson Healthcare Consulting, LLC serves Denver and surrounding communities. 

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