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Navigating the senior care community has become our specialty through years of dedication to patients, providers, and communities. We have a genuine concern for the successful outcome of our work and will do our best to ensure your needs are addressed efficiently while remaining in alignment with your goals.

Healthcare Consulting Services

Sorenson Healthcare Consulting helps you optimize clinical services and stabilize quality outcomes. Leverage the full potential of your staff, promote care continuum coordination, and reduce the cost burden to you and your patients through the development and use of personalized processes. 


Provider Services and Recruitment

If you are a provider interested in learning more about opportunities in senior care or your organization has room for additional support, we're here to help.


Senior Living Navigation

We know making decisions about the future can feel overwhelming. Let us do the work for you and help turn this into an opportunity to grow with your family.


Sorenson Healthcare Consulting, LLC was founded by Nickolus Sorenson in response to a need for knowledgeable representatives in the Denver community to guide patients and professionals within the senior care community.

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